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          Perhaps I was launched, not delivered, from my mother's womb. That has not been confirmed but may explain my life's unpredicted trajectory. Among other pursuits, I've been a carny, a cowboy, a consultant and very nearly a cleric. As a child i received a hand me down Kodak Brownie camera from my father. He had moved on to making 8mm family films, I instead grew into polaroids, 35mm and now digital. Along the way, certain visual or other sensory details of my experiences have been captured not just in my memory but 'in camera' as well. That is true to this day.

          From the landscapes of Ohio factories and farmlands to South Dakota reservations and ranches; from Oregon's seacoast to New Mexico's high desert, the light has been different and my exposure longer or shorter. Fewer times than I care to admit I had a camera with me. Sometimes circumstances dictated that I not have one with me or not take it out, But every image, whether mechanical or mental, has contributed to the evolving work I am - and works I make. They are, I hope, nowhere near their final edits.

          Over time, photography has helped me understand that there are new revelations everywhere, often waiting to surprise me if I take a moment to turn around. I owe much to artists and photographers past and present, especially Eliot Porter, whose images - like the words of John Muir - spoke to me long before I understood their messages.

          I photograph in color and infrared (with conversions to black & white). Many of my recently published color landscapes trend away from realism and favor impressionism.  This allows me to create work with full acceptance of a long history of slight color blindness and the recent diagnosis of an eye disease that degrades vision. This also allows me to express what my mind's eye has probably always seen.  I was slow to realize that I am also acknowledging the influence of a friend of many years ago, artist Rod Goebel, one of the “Taos Six.”  His impressionist oil paintings continue to amaze me.  

          Although I gave slide show presentations to biology classes at my high school alma mater on the very first Earth Day, none of my images were shown publicly until 2011. Since that time they have been displayed in several galleries and numerous exhibitions in New Mexico and Arizona. I am fortunate and honored to have work in public and private collections.

          Thank you for exploring with me. I hope you enjoy your visit and stay a while.     

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